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Life at Antique

In the plethora of job offerings, how we differentiate from the rest is by not just offering you an opportunity to become an employee, but also to partner with us. We are not offering mere jobs but helping hone careers. Come join the best in the league in a highly dynamic, vibrant and exciting work environment. Life at Antique Broking is fun and tempered with the right amount of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement from senior leadership and management.

We help our employees find a balance between their personal life goals and the organizational ones. Emphasis is laid as much on individual growth as on teamwork. Therefore, you mingle with the best in the business and find ample space and freedom to achieve your true potential in a supportive and conducive environment.

If interested in becoming our partners in the true sense, please fill out the form below, attach your CV and send it to us. You can also email us your resumes at

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